The Statewide Financial System (SFS) Program is a New York State government initiative that replaced the over 30-year-old Central Accounting System and several agency financial management systems with one integrated, statewide system. The new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system went live in April 2012.

The initiative sponsors – the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), the State Division of the Budget (DOB), and the Office of the Chief Information Officer/Office for InformationTechnology Services (OCIO/ITS) – worked together to develop components of the new system. This effort involved the integration of two separate financial applications – a new Central Accounting System to be implemented by OSC's former Future of the Central Accounting System (FOCAS) Project and a centralized State agency financial management system implemented by DOB's former New York Financial Management System (NYFMS) Project.

A review of both projects was undertaken by its sponsors to maximize business benefits to New York State while reducing system complexity, costs and challenges. The SFS was created in October 2009 by a decision of the SFS Governance Board to merge the former FOCAS and NYFMS projects, consolidating their efforts in order to design and implement a single, integrated financial management system for New York State.

Ensuing activities to carry out this mandate included branding the new organization as the Statewide Financial System Program. Subsequent legislation contained in the Laws of New York 2010, Chapter 56, formally established the new body as the State Financial System Project. Although the two names vary slightly – Statewide Financial System Program vs. State Financial System Project – they refer to the same entity, and should be considered one and the same.