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T&E Online Courses

The Travel and Expense (UPK) Online Courses will give you in-depth knowledge about the Travel and Expense process. Three courses are available:

  • Travel and Expenses for Travelers
  • Travel and Expenses
  • Travel and Expenses for Approvers

T&E Job Aids

Job Aids covering the following topics are available for download from SFS.ny.gov. Just visit the Job Aids library, sort on Module, and scroll down to TE.

  • Approving Travel Documents Using Travel and Expense Center
  • Approving Travel Documents Using Worklist
  • Business Purpose Descriptions
  • Creating Expense Reports
  • Creating Expense Reports by copying a Travel Authorization
  • Creating Expense Reports by copying an existing Expense Report
  • Creating Expense Reports for emergency travel
  • Creating Expense Reports for non-travel expenses
  • Creating Expense Reports Using My Wallet
  • Creating Travel Authorizations
  • Creating Travel Authorizations by Copying an Existing Travel Authorization
  • Deposit of Check from Employee
  • Expense Reports When Money is Owed to the State
  • Expense Type Definitions
  • Future Phase: Creating Expense Reports in the TE Module
  • Future Phase: Creating Travel Authorizations in the TE Module
  • Itemizing Hotel Bills
  • Printing Travel Documents
  • Reviewing Expense and Payment History
  • Searching For and Modifying Saved Expense Reports
  • Searching For and Modifying Saved Travel Authorizations
  • Using an Alternate Address for Expenses
  • Using Travel Cards for Per Diem Meals
  • Viewing Expense Reports
  • Viewing Travel Authorizations