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Be Sure You Have a User ID and Password for the SFS.

Your Agency Security Administrator (ASA) is the main contact for distributing your initial SFS user ID and password and for fielding password questions.

Where Do I Log In?

When you're ready to begin your work, visit the SFS home page. There you'll find a link to the SFS production environment in the left column. Click once and log in.

BEFORE using the SFS, please complete the following tasks:

  1. Upon initial login, go to "My System Profile" (left navigation menu) and verify that your e-mail address listed is accurate. Make any changes if needed.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Changing Your Password job aid (see Helpful Job Aids below) to change the SFS-issued password you received from your ASA to your own unique password.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Setting Up Forgotten Password Help job aid (see Helpful Job Aids below) to set up a security question and answer, for self-service password recovery if you forget your SFS password.

(If you forget your password, follow the instructions in the Retrieving a Forgotten Password job aid to retrieve it, using the security question and answer you set up in Step #3 above.)

Once complete, you're ready to begin using the SFS.

Quick Start Guide

For a complete overview of the steps needed to successfully log in, set up forgotten password help, etc. refer to the Quick Start Guide:

Helpful Job Aids

Job Aids covering the following topics are available on the SFS website. Just visit the Job Aids library, sort the "Topic" column, and scroll down to the "Password" Job Aids:

  • Changing Your Password
  • Setting Up Forgotten Password Help
  • Retrieving a Forgotten Password

Having Trouble Logging In?

Before you contact your Agency Security Administrator (ASA) or the SFS Help Desk:

  • When entering your user ID, be sure your Caps Lock isn't on; use lower case letters.
  • Passwords must contain a minimum of 8 characters including 1 upper case letter, 1 digit and at least 1 special character.

System Lock Out

Five (5) unsuccessful tries at logging in and you'll be locked out of the SFS system. If that happens, contact your ASA or the follow the SFS User Support Process.