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The SFS Training resources in this section will help users and their managers harness the full potential of the SFS and become familiar with the system's many features. SFS users can spend time with the variety of self-study courses, job aids and other materials to learn how best to work in the SFS. Trainer materials help agency leaders support staff members in the drive to become successful using key areas of the SFS.

Learning Paths

SFS Learning Paths show which courses are recommended for your SFS role and which ones are optional. This resource is especially helpful for any end users with newly-assigned roles in the SFS, to identify the courses that are required or recommended for your assigned role.

For more information on roles, please refer to the SFS Security Guide.

Training Courses

SFS users begin learning about the SFS using the Training Courses. In this section you'll find a listing and descriptions of all courses available to help you learn how to use the SFS.


All of our courses are available as web-based training. These include both interactive self-study courses - with or without narration - and downloadable presentation-based courses.


Instructor-led training will be delivered in a classroom setting. The training materials used in these classes can be viewed in the Training Courses section.

It is important to remember that SFS Training Courses are designed to teach you about system functionality that applies across all agencies. Training on Agency-specific business processes is managed by each Agency.

Job Aids and Reference Materials

Our Job Aids and Reference Materials segment features printable job aids that supplement our self-study and instructor-led training material. The job aids contain step-by-step guidance for completing a broad variety of tasks in the SFS. Other helpful materials in this section include a glossary of SFS terms and the SFS Quick Start Guides.

Trainer Materials

If you are delivering instructor-led training on the SFS at your Agency, use the Trainer Materials section for course materials, facilitation assistance, room set-up instructions and a number of other tools to ensure that your training is a success.

SFS Train-the-Trainer

Getting users ready to conduct New York State business in the SFS includes training delivered by agencies to their own user community. The SFS Program assists in this effort by preparing Agency trainers to deliver SFS training. This approach is called the SFS Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program.

Supplemental Training Presentations

The Supplemental Training Presentations bolster our library of SFS training courses, providing system users with more in-depth explanations of select SFS processes.

Questions and Additional Information

For support, contact the SFS Training Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." ' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy9010 + '\'>'+addy_text9010+'<\/a>'; //--> .