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The roles assigned to each user provide him or her with access to perform an array of role-specific tasks in the SFS. Each role can perform many tasks; some tasks are unique to a particular role. Unless specifically noted otherwise, tasks related to any role held by a user can be performed on any data he or she has access to.

Following is core information about roles as well as tools for managing roles in the SFS:

  • Roles Summary: The Summary describes the purpose and function of each system role. This document explains how roles relate to other roles in the same module, and how to assign users to accommodate various levels of approval workflow routing.
  • Valid Roles: The Valid Roles document contains a list of  valid production roles for Phase 1 and Future Phase agencies, and a crosswalk reference to all commonly used names for each role.
  • Separation of Duties Matrix: The Separation of Duties Matrix is a listing of roles subject to separation of duties or internal control considerations.
  • Access to Reports: Access to Reports contains a detailed analysis of system tasks and the designated roles that can access specified reports.
  • ASA Quarterly Report Template: The ASA Quarterly Report Template contains instructions for interpreting the quarterly Agency Security Administrator Report.
  • Detailed Task Analysis: This Detailed Task Analysis contains a listing of the functional tasks envisioned for each role. This document also includes an initial analysis to determine which tasks are shared among different roles. The Advanced Task Analysis (listed below) will contain a more comprehensive listing of access and tasks.
  • Advanced Task Analysis (coming soon): The Advanced Task Analysis is a comprehensive listing of all tasks (navigations) available to end users by role. It is presented using technical language that is suitable to meet the needs of those with a high degree of system knowledge.