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Agency Traveler

An Agency traveler is an employee within an Agency who is authorized to travel on behalf of the State of New York. The traveler may have access within SFS to submit justifications for travel expenses made on State travel credit cards as well as requests for travel authorization.

Agency Traveler Proxy 

An Agency traveler proxy is an individual who has been given access to enter travel expense information for another employee.

Approval Workflow 

This is the approval process – the levels of approval required for travel documents. The approval workflow may vary based on which Business Purpose is selected, and whether travel is in or out of state. The electronic nature of this process allows travelers to have access to the status of a specific document online.

Business Purpose

The overall classification of a business expense document detailing the reason for travel. A business purpose is required on all expense documents and is used for approval workflow and reporting. Examples of the business purpose include Routine Travel, Emergency Travel, and Training/Education.

DOB Approval ID 

Also known as B-1184 Approval – this field on SFS travel documents used to record the B-1184 approval number.

Expense Report 

Previously referred to as travel vouchers – used to report travel related expenses and track related reimbursements to NY State employees.

Expense Type 

The Expense Type provides identification and classification of valid business expenses that employees incur. The expense type controls what accounts (object codes) the funds are posted to. Expense types are also used to identify whether the expense is taxable (per diems) or non taxable (mileage).

My Wallet 

Transactions from Travel Card use are imported into a traveler’s ‘Wallet.’ When building an expense report, transactions should be pulled into Expense Report from My Wallet.

Travel Authorization 

Previously known as Pre-Travel Authorization – this is a travel document submitted prior to travel. It is used to authorize trips for State business and track estimated travel costs.

Travel Cash Advances 

The Travel and Expense module will not be used to manage cash advances made from an Agency’s Sole Custody / Travel Advance / Petty Cash accounts.