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Thousands of people working and traveling on behalf of New York state government make purchases while performing the states business. The Statewide Financial Systems Travel and Expense capabilities allow:

  • Paperless submission, tracking and processing of expenses
  • Consistent controls over expense submission, approval and reimbursement
  • Access to real-time data

These capabilities combine to ensure swift and accurate expense processing, timely reimbursements, better day-to-day management of expenses, and accurate budget planning.

Travel and Expense Process

Master the travel and expense process in SFS in three steps:

  1. Learn Before You Log In
    Online courses will give in depth knowledge. Job Aids will walk you through the steps to accomplish what you need.
  2. Log In and Set Up Forgotten Password Help
  3. Navigate to the Travel and Expense Functionality and Begin Your Work

The library of SFS Quick Start Guides will help get you started.

Glossary of Travel and Expense Terms

The Travel and Expense Glossary is a resource to help you decipher key travel and expense terminology.

OSC Travel Guidelines

Refer to the OSC Travel Guidelines for crucial information about state travel spending and reimbursement policy including:

  • Travel Manual
  • Travel Reimbursement Rates
  • Amtrak Rates
  • OGS Statewide Travel Information
  • Meal Allowance Breakdown
  • Method I - Unreceipted Rates
  • Mileage Rates
  • NYCRR Title 2 Chapter I, Part 8 - Traveling Expenses

User Support

The SFS User Support process is a pathway to help with your questions or concerns. You'll begin with resources that enable you to find answers on your own, easily and without delay. For complex questions or challenges, you'll be directed to your primary user support representative, either within your Agency or at the SFS offices.