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Bulkload Error Notification Log

IDL and ENL files provide agencies with processing status information about a bulkloaded file. If an error is not clear, the Agency can review the SFS Bulkload Error Notification Log (7/17/14). This log contains a list of errors that are displayed on the IDL (Interface Disposition Listing) and ENL (Fatal Error Notification Listing) notification files, along with the resolution for the user. The entire document is a filterable spreadsheet that can be manipulated in multiple ways.

The Bulkload Error Notification Log also includes a comprehensive listing of Pre-Validation errors and resolutions. Processing of a bulkload file stops when a pre-validation error is encountered. Pre-Validation error codes are located in Positions 73-82 on the IDL. There could be additional errors in the file, but these will not appear as they were not yet encountered in the file load process.

A listing of Other Messages that an Agency may see on an IDL is also included in the Bulkload Error Notification Log. Other messages consist of Descriptions that have been displayed that are not directly tied to an error. The error type can be Success, Warning, or Error.

Bulkload Incident Resolution

If after reviewing the Bulkload Notification Log, you still cannot troubleshoot or determine your next course of action, submit a Help Desk request using the Agency User Support process. Complete the User Support form incorporating the following information:

  • Email Subject: Bulkload and filename
  • Agency Name (SSID) and host Agency (if applicable)
  • Date of Incident Item
  • Details of the types of transactions sent in the file and the message provided in the notification