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Agencies identify User Support Liaisons (USLs) as part of their overall user support structure. They are expected to perfrom the following functions:

  • Identify and enable new and existing resources at their agency to provide Tier 1 user support for all Super Users, Administrators, core users, travelers and vendors for the SFS;
  • Ensure that all SFS users at their agency understand the proper user support process to manage and resolve basic to complex issues using the SFS; and
  • Promote acceptance and adoption of the SFS by all employees at their agency.
  • Ensure that all Super Users have completed SFS Self-service Training based on their business process area of expertise.
  • Have Reporting and Inquiry access to the SFS to provide user support, if necessary. (The ASA would need to request this access on behalf of the USL).
  • Communicate and publish agency’s user support network (includes points of contact within agency for targeted issue resolution) to promote collaboration among Super Users and Agency Administrators within the agency and between other agencies (i.e. hosted agency).

Within their agency environment, a USL is responsible for:

  • Building and maintaining an overall SFS user support strategy for their agency;
  • Incorporating existing agency SFS user support teams into SFS end-user support as appropriate;
  • Serving as an intermediary between SFS users and technical support regarding proper application and functions of the SFS;
  • Providing feedback for SFS end-user support suggested improvements; and
  • Having access to or use the SFS (SFS Financials) on a daily basis.
  • Participate in weekly Agency User Support Conference Call.