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Vendor Support (Support for Individuals and FIrms Doing Business with New York State)


Training / Job Aids and Reference Materials


Training / Training Courses


User Support / Support for Agency Users


SFS Log In and Password Help


Traveler's Tips / Travel and Expense


SFS Training main page


Training / Quick Start Guides


TCard Reconciliation Process


PCard Reconciliation Process


Ship-to Bill-to Template


SFS Reports Inquiry


Chart of Accounts (COA) and Commitment Control (KK) Materials


User Support main page


SFS Contact Information


Go-Live Dashboard


Chart of Accounts main page


Vendor File


Conversion / Cutover


Bulkload Information


Enterprise Connection archive


Focus on Key SFS User Resoures listing


Recent Bulletins and Email Communications


Trainer Materials


Login / Navigation Questions and Answers


SFS Security Guide


SFS Program Calendar


Navigate to the Travel and Expense Functionality and Begin Your Work


Learn About Travel and Expense Processing


SFS Vendor Inquiry Form


SFS Agency Inquiry Form


SFS Security Guide / Roles in the SFS


SFS User Groups


User Support / Travel and Expense Questions and Answers


SFS Agency Implementation


SFS Agency Transaction Processing Guide