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The Statewide Financial System Vendor Portal (eSupplier) is undergoing a system upgrade between September 30 – October 14. User access is restricted during this period.

Note that the Web address for the eSupplier portal is changing with the system upgrade. If you have bookmarked the old Web address, please make note of the new address and change your bookmark accordingly when the system reopens on October 14.

The following table provides details about functionality available during the upgrade.

Expected DatesFunctionality AvailableEffectNotes
September 30 – October 5 No access
  • No updates to vendor record information
  • No access to purchase order and invoice information
October 6 – October 13 Inquiry access only
  • No updates to vendor record information
  • View-only access to purchase orders; invoices; and payment, address, and contact information in place as of 10/1
View-only access:
October 14 Full access restored
  • Vendor record information may be updated as usual
  • Purchase order and invoice information available as usual
New eSupplier portal:

If you have questions or would like immediate assistance, please contact the SFS Help Desk (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 855-233-8363 toll-free | 518-457-7717).